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You are ready to spend more time working on your business.  Lets chat.

Services I Offer

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Virtual Assisting

This is such a HUGE offering, but I break it down in reasonable and understandable chunks.  When people think Virtual Assistant, the images vary from person to person as to what this looks like.  

In short, do you need help with the administrative side of things? Click below for more information.  I'll clear things up for you.

Customer Support Icon

Client Retention and Growth

Are you ready to lull-proof your business?  This is achievable with solid system in place you can make sure your customers not only spend with you again and again, but bring others in. 

This is achieved with a three part system that will continue the customer cycle. Tap the button for more information.

Project Management Icon

Project Management

You've got something big happening. Get the help you need meeting deadlines, wrangling vendors, setting up meetings and more.

More often that not, people often underestimate the amount of logistics that go into projects.  Whether it is a product launch or business event, get the help you didn't even know you needed. Want to learn more? Click below. 

Social Media Management Icon

Social Media Planning

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. Sometimes you just don't know where to start.

But sometimes, you just hopped on a platform not knowing where to go from there.  This service will get your creative juices flowing, and your social media planned for the long haul.  Need help? Tap the button.

Data & Research Icon

Blog Writing

So you realize now that your site needs a blog, but writing is not really your thing.  Whether we like it or want to admit it or not, blogs are still the wave.  Think about it, people are forever searching items on Pinterest right?  When you click on those well thought out, eye catching graphics you are sent straight to guessed it, blog!

Tap below and I'll explain.

Personal Assistant Icon

Personal Assistant

Being helpful is my life's calling.  There is something incredibly satisfying about being the muscle behind the brand! 

If you have reached a point in your business where you need someone to handle the day to day tasks, be an extra set of hands, sounding board, fresh eyes, etc.  Lets talk.

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