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Five of the Best Ways to Use Canva For Your Business

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

So you've stumbled upon this humble blog post if you are looking to market with a modest budget. Businesses need new eyes, and in order to do so, you've got to get your brand out front and center. You've read all the blogs, listened to the podcasts, and absorbed as many YouTube videos as you could before you landed here.

In short, you know its time to whip your marketing into shape! In this semi-short blog I'm going to show you Five ways to use Canva for your business. Before we get started, I want to make sure all of my readers know exactly WHAT Canva is.

Canva is a super easy to maneuver website and app that allows you to create tons of both digital and tangible designs. Think PhotoShop...but way simpler. You may see a lot of different things that you can do with it on other Pins, but I'm going to break down Five of the Best Ways for you to Use Canva for Your Business. Buckle up, I'm diving into more than #DFY Instagram Template

#1 Social Media Bio Link

Did you know you could create your own fully customized link in bio to share on your socials? Stop using that clunky service I WON'T NAME but it rhymes with Pink Bee and pay extra just to get your colors featured! Simply look up a infographic that looks like a landing page and customize it. Trust, its far simpler than it sounds. Don't believe me? Check out this video below to see how it's done.

#2 Reel Covers


Get that cohesive brand look on your feed with out having to stress about what your reel feed looks like with Reel Covers. As I update the blog I'll add links here. Reels are all the rage on IG and the

algorithm is kind to those who reel. If you are like me, you want your feeds to look cohesive(what can I say, I'm a Capricorn who likes order. #sorrynotsorry). This can be achieved by creating reel cover templates provided. Stay tuned for a video for that.

#3 Interactive Newsletters


Didn't see that coming did you...or maybe you did. I could go on for days about how email lists are the way to ensure your business is lull proof, but that's for another set of days. Once you have those Instagram crash proof emails in your possession, get the most out of your communication with interactive newsletters. These newsletters have links you can click on to take them wherever you want your clients to go. Just think, a call to action, that actually entices them to follow through? Yes Please.

Interactive newsletters direct people to make the moves you've directed them to, whether it be a sale or a new blog post or just new content in general. I call this lull proof, because as long as you feed your audience with value in their inbox, you've got an audience willing to spend money with you.

#4 Interactive Proposals


Are you a service based business? Do you work with digital downloads or give options for pricing of certain items? Create a proposal or present options with the ability to click on the item for the potential customer to pay right there.

For example, you are a digital creator creating artwork or other digital files that require proof approval. Once you've narrowed it down to a couple of decisions, imagine sending your client a link that allows them to not only view both of them, but purchase them with a single click. They can see both or however many to compare, and simply click on it to buy.

How could that help your client take that step to buy?

#5 Pitch Deck


Now this one is for the business owner who is ready ready. Like they are getting their presentation together to potentially pitch to an investor, present to a potential commercial leasing agency, just all over ready to sell their business idea to someone or some business who can take them to the next level.

The pitch deck is what you can use to put visuals with your ideas when presenting them to others. A good friend of mine and I convinced a restaurant owner to let us use his place to host an event on the strength of our neat Canva created pitch deck and a cute little box of swag. I was the logistics and she was the experience provider. With our presentation, made with a template I added our colors and fonts to and a box filled with swag she put together, we secured our very first vendor fair venue(I love that story every time, we did that).

After all of that reading, did you find a new way to use Canva that you have not thought of before? Which one would you like a tutorial on first? Leave me a comment below, and I'll add video tutorials for what you want to see!

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